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Reviewing 2020 Through Our 8 “Most-Shared” Articles of the Year

December 28, 2020
2020 Top 8 articles

As the end of 2020 quickly approaches, we’ve taken the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the range of content our team of editors and many contributors have produced on this website and in the pages of interiors+sources magazine. This year’s articles have covered a variety of topics, including award-winning architecture, how COVID-19 has disrupted the industry and how we might move forward from it, as well as top trends in interior design.

Through it all, one theme has seemed to emerge—designing for community and technology can lead to a bright future. As chief content director Robert Nieminen states in a recent Editor’s Letter: “Designers are utilizing the current state of affairs along with the innovative technologies as a meaningful opportunity to rethink shared spaces and make them healthier, more adaptable and more user-friendly, ultimately bringing us back together.”

As we roll into 2021, this theme will likely grow in importance and remain relevant, especially during our first Design Connections event of the year, taking place virtually Feb. 8-12. This signature event will focus on The Business of Design in 2021 and offers strategic sessions for navigating the new challenges the design industry faces. Be sure to apply for your free spot today, and read on to revisit some of our biggest stories of the year.

1. How Temple University’s New Library Uses Technology and Saves Space

The new Charles Library at Temple University in Philadelphia combines the best of modern-day architecture and space-saving interior design to accommodate its growing student body and large book collection.

2. Celebrate National Tile Day with These 10 Tile Trends for 2020

Fans and members of the tile and design industry officially celebrated their love of the material during the fourth annual National Tile Day on February 23.

3. Evidence-Based Design Helps Designers Reach the Best Future Reality Post COVID-19

As COVID-19 moves the principles of healthcare design into every other design sector, ASID connected with Rosalyn Cama, interior designer and author, to gather her insights and to discuss the path forward in design.

4. Here’s Why the Design Industry Lacks Diversity and How it Will Change

Last year, we profiled two prominent, successful women of color in positions of leadership—IIDA’s Cheryl Durst (pictured) and Gabrielle Bullock of Perkins and Will—on the cover of our February 2019 issue, asking the question: “Why is the interior design industry not more diverse than it is?” A year later, we’re posing the question again.

5. Top 6 Trends Emerging from the Pandemic and What They Mean for Office Design

Six broad themes characterize the pandemic’s long-term effects on the workplace, measuring sticks of sorts to evaluate all the micro and macro moves that will enable and entice employees to return safely—and enthusiastically—to the office.

6. Leading Women in Design Discuss Changing Roles, Mentors and the Urgency of This Moment

Since March, IIDA has been sitting down (virtually) with women in the design industry who are reshaping our world and impacting change. IIDA checks in with this inspirational group to see what they have to say on mentoring within the industry, the urgency of this current moment, where they find inspiration and how defining the vital roles of women in design is more important now than ever.

7. A 3-Step Approach to Creating Meaningful Workplace Experiences

Management teams everywhere are grappling with the same question: Does the office still matter? While remote work is an alternative for many, some companies are rethinking the role of the office. Redefining the workplace as an experience opens the door to new and interesting possibilities for how we operate. But where do you start?

8. 3D Modeling Workflow Improves Communication for Smarter Project Delivery

M Moser Associates employs VRBIM and a 3D workflow to enhance the collaborative process and to save time and money.

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