Think you know felt?

Felt CEU

Felt: A Time-honored Material & Modern Acoustic Marvel

This CEU opportunity takes you on the journey of its interesting past. Learn how this material grew with the times and shape-shifted into everything from a high-end fashion accessory to a commercial design acoustic must-have.

The unique cloth’s past and present reveal a material that can do just about anything. And, in many ways, it already has.

New eHandbook on Lighting

eHandbook on Lighting

A Guide to Better, Smarter Illumination

Designing great lighting scenarios in the built environment is a complex undertaking. It involves establishing proper light levels, removing glare and setting a mood with a light source that allows people to perceive rich color accurately—all of which help make tasks safer and easier to accomplish. Good lighting delivers on all of these requirements—and it does so while using energy efficiently. 

This eHandbook is a resource for anyone who wants to know more about how to properly light a space.

The Benefield Project


Design with Purpose

The Benefield project is a community effort from start to finish.

While Citizen HKS is donating its design services throughout the duration of the project, more help is needed to get the job done.

i+s and BUILDINGS are looking for donated in-kind products, furnishings and materials or reduced rates for needed items.



These eHandbooks feature a compilation of practical and reliable information from some of the industry’s most trusted sources and suppliers covering a range of topics and markets.

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Design Center Goes VR

Mannington Commercial

Take a Tour of Mannington Commercial

Immerse yourself in Mannington Commercial’s Design Center in Atlanta in this VR tour.

Discover the inspiration behind Corgan Inc’s showroom design.

You’ll never see carpet the same way again.


Metal Ceilings and Walls

Material Matters: The Design Benefits of Metal Ceilings & Walls

On Demand

As a ceiling & wall material, metal offers a world of creative options that offer both aesthetic and performance benefits.


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