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Hold the News, Start the Mews

August 8, 2018

Stop what you’re doing right meow - it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate what, you ask? International Cat Day, of course.

I know, I know...chances are you’re thinking, “You’ve got to be kitten me? Is an interior design publication really covering cats?” Why yes, yes we are.

Cats are the most popular pet in America - an estimated 86.4 million live in U.S. homes - as well as the world. Our feline friends are some of humanity’s oldest and most beloved pets. The ancient history of the domestic cat starts around the same time as that of ancient Egyptians, almost 4,000 years ago where they were regarded as sacred creatures (cat’s still believe this to be true). As cats were traded amongst historic empires (think Greeks and Romans) and used to control pest populations on ships during long voyages, their numbers grew and breeds expanded.

Now, an estimated 500 million cats frolic as they please, with 73 breeds being recognized by the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance. With so many cats to cater to, it’s no wonder that festivities were put in place in to celebrate the world’s first International Cat Day. What was started by the International Fund for Animal Welfare on August 8, 2002, has now turned into an annual social media jubilee, but as any true cat owner knows the adoration is never reserved for just this one day.

Just ask i+s Editor-in-Chief Kadie Yale whose cats make consistent appearances in her social feeds. She isn’t the only one - as it turns out, cats make great design elements. From posing on handcrafted chairs to sleeping gracefully in a sunny room adorned with unique wallpaper, they provide a unique, quirky element to interior photos.

Kate Casey of Peg Woodworking knows how to celebrate her cats on Instagram. @PegWoodworking

While no cat is purrrfect, we at i+s like to think ours come pretty close. Enjoy the photos we compiled below that are sure to leave you feline good.

Here are even more cats blending in interior design for your International Cat Day.

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