The Third Place: Redefining the New Workspace Without the Workplace

Whether or not the physical workplace defines the future office, there is a growing need to have third place spaces available. Third places are most successful when they can provide value to their users through design elements and service offerings that will outweigh the benefits of the typical first or second places. Shay Lam, managing executive and Studio Creative Director of TPG Architecture, shares his tips on creating these growing environments, and how designers can grab consumer attention and make them feel like they are neither at home nor at work.

Protect Rivers by Specifying Smart

Mohawk Group is launching its Waterways Project, featuring a mobile showroom packed with product solutions that are environmentally friendly and ready to specify. Here's what you can expect when you experience the event.

Protecting Against Product Failure in Healthcare Settings

As surfaces in hospitals and other medical facilities are being cleaned more frequently with harsher chemicals in the wake of COVID, product failures in the field are becoming alarmingly more commonplace. In this episode, Julie Short discusses an innovative film product from DuPont that can be applied to virtually any surface that offers added durability and cleanability.

Why Localization Is a Key Element in the Design of Hospitality Spaces

Staci Patton, principal at DLR Group, joins chief content director Robert Nieminen for a lively discussion about the importance of creating a sense of locale in hospitality environments. They discuss the drivers behind this trend and how to create an authentic sense of place both indoors and out. 

Joining Forces to Revitalize a Local Community, Sustainably

In this episode of I Hear Design, the teams at Citizen HKS, Boaz & Ruth talk about their collaboration on Benefield, a community based project that revitalizes the Highland Park corridor in Richmond, Virginia, that will become a place that anchors and supports the community’s youth, serving as a catalyst for change and hope.

Why Electric Fireplaces Are Trending in Interiors

In this special edition of I Hear Design, Darin Del Gardo of Glen Dimplex Americas talks about the many benefits of specifying electric fireplaces, including health, safety and sustainability. Find out more about the technology behind these beautiful and innovative products in this episode, brought to you in partnership with Dimplex.

Which Pandemic Healthcare Trends Are Here to Stay?

The pandemic brought healthcare to the forefront and the top of both local and global agendas. As 2021 plans for pandemic recovery, what will the future of the healthcare industry look like? CallisonRTKL's Angela Crum shares her insights into the new healthcare landscape.

Meet Our New Advisory Board: Jessica Cooper, IWBI

When it comes to the wellness conversation, perhaps no one is better suited to talk about its relationship to the built environment than our newest advisory board member, Jessica Cooper. In this episode, Jessica discusses how her work at the International WELL Building Institute is helping to impact change at a massive scale and where she sees the trend headed in the years to come.