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Earth Overshoot Day Has Arrived

Today, August 1, is Earth Overshoot Day—the day in which all of humanity has used more from nature than it can produce in the entire year. In 1969, Earth Overshoot Day occurred right around the new year, nearly hitting the mark for sustainable usage of natural resources. However, since 2010, humanity has used approximately 1.7 Earths worth of resources with Earth Overshoot Day occurring at the beginning of August.

12 Things You Need to Know About Designing for the Hotel Industry

In the ever-changing hospitality industry, designing for the client with longevity in mind can be difficult. Lesley Hughes Wyman and Tamara Ainsworth, principal interior designers for MatchLine Design Group, go through some of the most common questions they’re asked.

ASID Welcomes Bryan J. Soukup, ESQ

As vice president of Government and Public affairs for ASID, Soukup will lead charge for policy and advocacy initiatives that support “Design Impacts Lives” mission statement.

Milliken & Company Announces Leadership Transition

Milliken & Company’s board of directors announces the appointment of Halsey M. Cook Jr. as president and CEO effective September 1, 2018. J. Harold Chandler will return to his role as chair of the board of directors.