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Informed Flooring Specifications Designed to Last

Prior to COVID-19, material health was already a hot topic among many industry professionals, but we can reasonably expect those conversations to become more prevalent and the hunt for healthy, sustainable building materials to expand as we seek out ways to protect ourselves in various environments. Designers play a huge roll in this conversion to healthier and more sustainable product solutions. Learn the tools that are available to help designers make these recommendations and accurately compare flooring products based on a number of different criteria.

NeoCon Sneak Peek: AVA

NeoCon 2021 is just around the corner! In this preview episode, get a sneak peek of what you'll find in the space of commercial flooring manufacturer AVA.

Protect Rivers by Specifying Smart

Mohawk Group is launching its Waterways Project, featuring a mobile showroom packed with product solutions that are environmentally friendly and ready to specify. Here's what you can expect when you experience the event.

Luxury and Livability in Vinyl Tile Floors

Every designer knows a commercial interior is not simply about appearance—it’s also about multiple, subtle layers of safety, security, sanitation, sustainability, brand identity, and a healthy dose of well-being built right into the design through product and material decisions. And when all these factors are in demand, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) can help designers create beautiful, unique, and safe solutions. This CEU will explore the materiality of LVT and what makes it such a versatile, sustainable choice for hospitality and retail environments.

The Future of Flooring

The flooring options that exist with rubber and vinyl are countless and can serve the majority of commercial settings, offering creativity for the designer and comfort, safety, and enjoyment for those who will experience the completed space. These two materials have the benefits of history, innovation, and creativity on their side and their measured performance over time renders them research-proven options to complete any design project.