"Space To Be You" Pod Design Contest



Since 1983, SnapCab® has been a leader in developing architectural products that are flexible, high quality, and safe to use in a variety of environments. SnapCab’s Workspace pod products are built to be flexible and designed to be customized. Offering endless frame colors, wall colors and materials , furniture, lighting, accessories, and more. Our flexibility makes it possible to provide services to many customers and meet the needs and aesthetic of any space, helping to create a “Space To Be You.”


The “Space To Be You” pod design contest intends to showcase the customization that SnapCab pods provide designers. We want designers to experience the creative freedom that our products allow by submitting their own pod design.
(link to the pod design tool page)


Designers customize their pod along with a short conceptual write-up on the sector and use they designed the pod for. This contest is meant to show through the design submissions how personalized our flexible pods can be. We want to celebrate the designers and their creativity and critical thinking.


  1. Customize your pod using SnapCab’s Design Your Pod tool (link)
  2. Once you have completed your pod design you have the option to customize further within your own design programs by clicking the “Download 3D Model” button.
  3. Alternatively you can save your pod using the “Save Image” button and pull it into a mood board to call out additional materials, finishes, furniture, and accessories.

SUBMISSION: (You can submit multiple designs!)

  1. Mood board submission including the pod you designed with the Design Your Pod tool, with any additional materials, finishes, furniture, or accessories you want to include. (Images need to be high-resolution. PDF or JPEG files accepted.)
  2. A short conceptual write-up on the sector and use intended for the pod you designed. (100 word max.)
  3. Submit here


Submissions will be voted on by popular vote on i+s’ Instagram November 1, 2022 and the winner announced November 2, 2023.


The designer will be awarded an all-expense paid trip to NeoCon, $1,000 cash prize, along with their pod design manufactured and showcased at SnapCab’s “Space To Be You” Pod Reveal Event at the Mart during NeoCon 2022.

I+S will be promoting the winning pod and designer through a video in their showroom on the 10th floor, along with other opportunities to promote the winning pod and designer.

*Winning designer encouraged to promote the contest and SnapCab on their social media platforms

*SnapCab will contact the winning designer and work with them to bring their vision to life by building their winning pod design. If the lead-times of materials requested surpass our manufacturing time-frame, we will work with the designer to find alternative options.

*SELECT RUNNER-UP submissions will be printed and displayed in SnapCab’s 1st floor booth

Learn more about last year's winning design that will be displayed at NeoCon this year.


Submission Deadline: October 21, 2022 

Voting: November 1, 2022

Winner Selected: November 2, 2022 and announced shortly after

Winning Pod Reveal Event at Neocon: June 12, 2022 

Winning Pod on Display & Designer Promoted at Neocon: June 12-15th, 2022


Voting will take place on Instagram and a winner will be decided by a jury of your peers. You, our loyal readers/followers/contributors, will know great design when you see it. All you need to do is vote on the i+s or SnapCab Instagram page. Be sure to watch our Instagram Stories during the month of February to find out when the polls are open!

Design Questions?

Feel free to reach out and we are happy to answer!

Carla Bostock
Art Director & Product Aesthetics

John Weima
Workspace Product Specialist

Terms & Conditions

1. Only complete entries will be considered. Incomplete or ineligible entries will be disqualified without notice.

2. Submitters must follow i+s and SnapCab on Instagram to qualify for entry in the contest: and

3. By entering, the submitter authorizes Stamats to publish their designs in print and digital editions of i+s magazine and across our digital and social media platforms and share with any media and/or industry partners affiliated with the Space To Be You Contest.

The entry may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes. Photography/rendering fees and publication rights are transferred via the submitter only, and Stamats will not be held responsible for obtaining photography usage rights by any means.

4. Winners will be determined by total number of likes on the i+s and SnapCab Instagram pages, with the winner being determined by the highest number of votes received by 11:00 am ET on Nov. 2 In the event of a tie, SnapCab reserves the right to choose the winning design.  

5. SnapCab will contact the winning designer and work with them to bring their vision to life by building their winning pod design. If the lead-times of materials requested surpass the company’s manufacturing time-frame, SnapCab will work with the winner to find alternative options.