The hospitality industry was hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but as vaccinations roll out, business and leisure travel is slowly but surely coming back.

In this eHandbook, we take a look at how hotels are being transformed into touchless experiences with more stringent cleaning practices to keep guests safe.

It will also explore how meeting and event spaces are changing in light of the pandemic, as well as new uses for guest rooms as temporary office space and the “staycation” trend that may be here to stay.

Find out what the experts are saying about how hotels are being redefined and redesigned for the future.

Included in this eHandbook:

  • Part 1: Going Touchless

  • Part 2: New Standards for Hotel Cleanliness

  • Part 3: Trends—Office Spaces and Staycations

  • Part 4: Rethinking Meetings and Events

  • Part 5: Resources

  • Part 6: Products

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