Hook Up

Three H

As organizations everywhere adjust to a hybrid working environment, they’re increasingly seeking furniture solutions that easily adapt to the ebb and flow of employees in the office space. Three H is meeting this need head on with the release of Hook Up, a collection of smartly designed tables that address the changing realities of office work. 

Hook Up is built for agility. Every table and privacy panel connects through a rail, making it a snap to reconfigure workspaces by hooking them together or breaking them apart on the fly. Privacy panels can be used to block out visual distractions or provide a higher degree of personal protection. Custom accessories—including letter trays and boxes, various sizes of planters, cup holders and power receptacles—also hook on and off in real time, with no special tools or installation required. 

Designed in partnership with Jonathan Sabine and Jessica Nakanishi of Toronto-based design firm MSDS Studio, the Hook Up collection provides elegantly functional work areas to comfortably accommodate today’s nomadic staff, whether they’re working permanently in office or only coming in a few days a week.


Three H Hook Up table