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iBooth® is an innovative enclosure designed for today’s mobile world of interactive devices, where connection is everywhere but privacy is limited.

Offering both sound dampening and privacy while maintaining visibility to the surrounding space, iBooth is easily placed in collaborative and common areas, connecting corridors, lobbies, and public and private space.

Freestanding models are available with a powder coated steel base, or wall mounted with left, right or front orientation.

An optional built-in power module has two additional USB outlets for charging 5V devices is also available.

With iBooth, there is now a designated and private place to plug in and hook up with a convenient work surface suitable for an ever-expanding collection of personal tools.

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Freestanding Model


iBooth® freestanding model.

Wall Mounted Model

iBooth CorporateLobby

iBooth® wall mounted model with a right wall mount orientation.

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