Decorative Ceilings

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

How can you not be influenced when you see these beautifully textured & finished samples of our tiles? That is really obvious. What is not obvious however is that there is a lot more to decorative ceiling tiles than just their visual appearance. Our tiles, when used with proper backing, can deliver acoustics along with beauty and what’s more, is that old acoustical tiles can be prevented from going to landfills since our tiles can be used directly under them. So the samples you are looking at are just a small doorway to a huge world of possibility of colors, textures, and applications available to you at!

We carry over 100’s of patterns & color combinations that can we be used for walls and ceilings in residential as well as commercial applications. By now you should be obviously influenced but if you are not, consider that we can create custom patterns, colors and even have our artists hand paint our ceiling tiles to match your project needs and budget. Still not influenced?

Well, maybe plastics are not your thing then and we do have a cure for that, real metal tiles! That however is a topic for another Curious box!