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Lighting the Way to Better Health: How Lighting and Controls Can Impact Wellbeing

April 1, 2022

Health and wellness are top of mind for every designer and specifier, but what role can lighting and controls play in supporting occupant wellbeing? In this episode produced in partnership with Leviton, experts from the company's various brands share their insights into the ways in which lighting design can help improve health outcomes in healthcare facilities, the role UV lighting technology plays in disinfection and the myriad of solutions available to designers today. 

* This podcast was created in partnership with Leviton.Leviton logo

Meet our guests:

David Buerer, director of product management, Leviton Manufacturing, Inc.
David BuererDavid Buerer is director of product management at Leviton Manufacturing, Inc., focusing on Systems & Networking products, where for the past 19 years he has been responsible for all aspects of product design from market research through development, launch, and sunset. Although experienced across all aspects of controls development, his specialties include the merging of Architectural & Energy Controls, and Theatrical product lines.  Prior to David’s time at Leviton, he was a senior designer at PLA Designs, Inc, focusing in Theater Consulting, Architectural Controls, and Lighting Design for Themed Environments.

Bruce Ramsay, brand manager, Viscor
Bruce RamseyBruce Ramsay is a veteran product manager for the Leviton brand, Visioneering.  His eye for style and attention to aesthetic detail brings the lighting designer and architect value in great-looking and high-performing fixtures for commercial spaces.  Currently, that attention is directed toward making products that serve academic and commercial areas with disinfection technology.   






Tim Stevens, director of product management, Certolux
Tim StevensTim Stevens has a long history of engineering for technical spaces. Starting at Underwriters Laboratories and later working with manufacturers of lighting fixtures to meet the challenges of biomedical, cleanrooms and university laboratories. 

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