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Alternative Design: Inspiration Behind Conversations That Matter

February 18, 2022

If you're one who loves to push the boundaries of design thinking, you don't want to miss this episode of I Hear Design, in which Robert Nieminen interviews Kaelynn Reid, host of the "Alternative Design" podcast. The topics Reid has covered in season 1 of the podcast run the gamut of microbiomes in the built environment to looking for design solutions and inspiration by considering what we can learn from populating Mars, as well as how prison facilities can be designed to be more restorative places for inmates. Listen in on this engaging discussion about some of the more innovative ideas being discussed on the fringe of the design industry.

Meet Our Guest:

Kaelynn Reid, Alternative Design podcast host and regional workplace advisor, Kimball International

Kaelynn ReidAs a Regional Workplace Advisor for Kimball International, Kaelynn Reid keeps a tight pulse on the current industry trends and insights of all things work. As the host of Alternative Design, she explores ideas found outside of the design industry in order to facilitate unapologetic, design-forward, and boundary breaking conversations that ignite inspiration and celebrate the human experience.

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