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Lighting Control Trends and Industry Outlook for 2022

January 5, 2022

The pandemic has changed the way designers approach just about everything—and lighting design is no exception. In this episode produced in partnership with Leviton, we discuss the way designers need to consider lighting control specifications, the trends in controls we'll see in 2022, as well as what some of the crucial lighting and control needs are for commercial applications and the benefits they offer occupants.

* This podcast was created in partnership with Leviton.Leviton logo

Meet Our Guests: 

David Buerer , director of product management, Leviton Manufacturing, Inc.
David Buerer, LevitonDavid Buerer is director of product management at Leviton Manufacturing, Inc., focusing on Systems & Networking products, where for the past 19 years he has been responsible for all aspects of product design from market research through development, launch, and sunset.

Although experienced across all aspects of controls development, his specialties include the merging of Architectural & Energy Controls, and Theatrical product lines.  Prior to David’s time at Leviton, he was a senior designer at PLA Designs, Inc, focusing in Theater Consulting, Architectural Controls, and Lighting Design for Themed Environments.

Olena Zavragina, lighting and controls solution specialist, Stan Deutsch Associates
Olena ZavraginaOlena Zavragina is a lighting and lighting controls solution specialist at Stan Deutsch Associates with eight years’ industry experience and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Ukraine.

She is uniquely qualified based on expertise in every aspect of Lighting/Controls including designing, estimating, project management, field technical support and commissioning.

Her passion and interpersonal skills set her apart from the crowd and makes her equally adept at finding solutions for the specification community, contracting community, as well as end users.


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