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Protecting Against Product Failure in Healthcare Settings

June 23, 2021

As surfaces in hospitals and other medical facilities are being cleaned more frequently with harsher chemicals in the wake of COVID, product failures in the field are becoming alarmingly more commonplace.

In this episode, Julie Short discusses an innovative film product from DuPont that can be applied to virtually any surface that offers added durability and cleanability.

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DuPont LogoTedlar*This podcast was created in partnership with DuPont.

Meet Our Guest

Julie ShortJulie Short, North America Marketing Manager with DuPont Tedlar® Advanced Materials has enjoyed working in building products marketing for 8 years.

Julie has an aptitude for launching innovative interior solutions and exterior construction products that accommodate clients and contractors alike.

Julie earned her MBA from Villanova University in 2019 in effort to apply strategic insight when solving design problems in the real-world.

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