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Digging for Data Part 2: Ethics, AI and Singularity

February 24, 2020

How do you know when data-driven design crosses ethical lines? When will artificial intelligence take over the world? Join editor-at-large Robert Nieminen and guests Joel Yow and Brett Nebeker of linear A as they attempt to answer these and other burning questions. 

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About our guests:

Joel YowJoel Yow is an industry expert in data-focused design and a co-founder of linear A. He connects data to the design process to examine, evaluate and visualize solutions, providing a high-value service to clients, key stakeholders and end users. 

By measuring potential design solutions against consistent experience and human-centered performance metrics, he enables clients and key stakeholders to accurately understand the trade-offs of each proposed solution and make highly informed strategic decisions that are backed by academic research and statistically significant factors.


Brett NebekerAs the chief data scientist at linear A, Brett Nebeker brings the rare combination of experience in full-stack data science, data engineering, organizational data strategy, and direct, hands-on stakeholder engagement to clients, owners and end users. 

Brett brings thought leadership and deep technical expertise to each project at linear A. His unique perspective and depth of experience across multiple industries gives linear A the ability to tackle highly complex data-focused problems in concept as well as production. Brett ensures that each client and project solution is technically sound, scalable and statistically validated.

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