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Design Connections. A don’t-miss chance to connect with clients and customers.

We’re delighted to announce that Design Connections will take place this fall, in person, once again—at beautiful Huntington Beach! Designers and architects from across the country are queueing up to attend—the whole big community eager to catch up with friends, co-workers, and the newest thinking and products in the design world. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. 

3 Reasons why you’ll want to be there:

1. Stay ahead of the competition. Right now, every manufacturer is competing for your audience’s attention and budget. This conference is one of the most important, and most successful in forging and cementing long relationships. 
2. The innovator’s reputation. Your R&D and product development teams have been hard at work—this is where you keep the industry in the loop and your brand in the limelight.
3. A motivated audience. Architects and designers are here with purpose—to learn and earn CEU credits, to reconnect with others in person, and to enjoy the first getaway most have had in a year and a half.


Design With Purpose

This has been an instructive year for so many of us.

At i+s, we’ve continued to hone our focus on Design With Purpose—and that will be evident at this conference.

More than ever, we’re committed to connecting our partners on both sides of the aisle to help create the world we all envision.

We believe enormous and powerful change can be driven through design and design choices—from reversing climate upheaval, to ridding our oceans of plastic, to creating stronger, healthier communities.

At Design Connections 2021, we’ll be showcasing the most transformative ideas and products, and talking about how we accomplish our shared goals, both individually and together. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss—to showcase your own innovations and connect with clients and soon-to-be clients.
Please consider becoming a sponsor—and join us on the beach this fall!

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