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Curios by i+s

Curios is a free material sample service exclusively for A+D professionals who are accepted to the program. Curios is all about introducing you to new and unexpected materials.

Curios boxConsider this your in-hand dose of design inspiration.

Throughout the year, 250 selected recipients will receive the Curios box of material samples based on an editorial theme that will introduce new solutions, inspiring design ideas and fun swag.

Keeping in line with our commitment to sustainability, all shipping materials are recyclable.

For any samples you don’t want to keep, please consider recycling them by donating to a local charitable organization or educational facility. 

Apply today to start receiving Curios by i+s. It only takes a few minutes!

  • March/April:  Sustainability / Wellness + Beyond
  • May/June:  Big + Bold
  • September/October:  NeoCon Launches + Other Fresh Finds