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This Desk’s Minimal Design is Big on Social and Environmental Impact

July 21, 2021

At-home offices. Commercial workspaces. College dorm rooms. Public libraries. However and wherever you work, having a comfortable and convenient place to get tasks done is critical. That’s why San Francisco-based design company Formr created UnderSTUDY, a new desk option meant to easily fit into its surroundings.

Designed for creatives and those looking to create a dedicated at-home work space, this wall-mounted desk aims to offer just the right amount of surface area for a laptop, sketch pad or notebook.

Available in three sizes, UnderSTUDY is an ideal solution for those planning on a more hybrid work style, but who don’t have space to dedicate to an entire office. Image courtesy of Formr

UnderSTUDY is minimal in both materiality and aesthetic, and can be smoothly implemented into any space without having to create an entire office setup. Plus, it’s furniture with a positive purpose. Formr employs formerly incarcerated individuals to craft pieces like UnderSTUDY using construction waste exclusively.

“Many companies choose not to hire formerly incarcerated individuals, but we believe in giving people hope for a successful fresh start and a second chance,” said Sasha Plotista, Formr’s founder.

The company also does its part to help divert some of the 500 million-plus tons of construction debris that is generated in the U.S. annually. 

Minimal in both materiality and aesthetic, UnderSTUDY is comprised of construction waste exclusively. Image courtesy of Formr

“If we can divert even a small percentage of waste from going into overflowing landfills, and use it to make ‘cool stuff,’ why not?” Plotista asked. “We create relationships with contractors to get access to job sites. Then we sort through the debris and bring back the best materials to our shop. After removing nails and other hardware, we clean the material and begin fabrication.”

Now that’s good design doing good. Review the specs behind UnderSTUDY below.

  • 5 colors to choose from—teal, chartreuse, off white, charcoal and dark orange
  • Supports 2 important causes: recidivism and construction waste
  • 1 full day to produce one UnderSTUDY desk
  • 3 available sizes—small (17.5” wide), medium (24” wide) and large (33.5” wide)
  • $399 price point
  • Weighs in at 12 lb., 14 oz
  • Comprised of 2 materials, salvaged wood and recyclable steel

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