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The Future of Textiles is Biobased

May 17, 2021
Volar Bio

Designers are calling for more sustainable textile choices, and Ultrafabrics’ newly expanded Volar Bio collection answers them. Volar Bio repurposes corn byproducts and wood pulp to create a 29% biobased leather alternative that can withstand stringent cleaning to CDC standards. It can also stand up to bleach without losing its color or changing its appearance. 

Volar Bio was originally launched in September 2019 and grew to 15 colors this year, all of which are inspired by natural sources like soil, plants and minerals. It’s set to become a benchmark for all Ultrafabrics products going forward, according to director of marketing A.R. Swan. The company aims to include biobased ingredients and/or recycled content in 50% of all new product introductions by 2025 and 100% of new products by 2030, evaluating existing collections along the way.

Volar Bio
Volar Bio includes 15 colors inspired by natural sources like soil, plants and minerals. Photos courtesy of Oli Douglas. Stylist: Despina Curtis.

Ultrafabrics issued a challenge to its research and development teams in the U.S. and Japan for more renewable and biobased content, and they delivered. 

“The writing is on the wall,” Swan said. “We see [biobased products] as being the future.” 


15 colors of Volar Bio available 

29% biobased content 

1.15 millimeters thick 

300,000 double rubs abrasion resistance rating

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