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November 30, 2016

VEKTR Digital Canvas
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The VEKTR Digital Canvas (VDC) is Forms+Surfaces’ newest interactive design tool. The VDC gives users the ability to create customized architectural glass designs of any scale using any image, without worrying about image size or resolution. Why is it such an exciting development? Because it eliminates the often frustrating challenge of finding imagery of an appropriate size and resolution for use in large-scale glass applications.

The VDC transforms raster digital images (pixelated images, bitmaps) into infinitely scalable, customizable multi-layered vector artwork, referenced in the VDC as a “canvas.” Each canvas generates a unique vector file that is output as two continuous tone interlayers in ViviSpectra VEKTR laminated glass, a layering that adds depth and dimension to the overall design. VEKTR glass is available in single-sided, double-sided, and backlit configurations. ViviSpectra VEKTR glass can be used indoors or out and incorporated into Forms+Surfaces walls, columns, elevator interiors, and more.

Images from virtually any source can be used for personalized VEKTR canvases—shots from a smartphone or tablet, images from a personal image library, client artwork, scanned print literature or material swatches, even low-res stock images. Or users can draw from the Zoom Digital Darkroom. Professional photography isn’t necessary.

Within the app, canvas patterns, colors, and dimensions are fully customizable. Getting started is easy, thanks to the intuitive design tool interface: simply drag the source image into the VDC workspace. From there, registered users can experiment with filters and abstraction levels, visualize canvases in 2D and 3D, download and save their work, create projects, and request budget pricing. Learn and Help Centers offer guidance at any time and a colorful Inspiration Board displays the creative possibilities.