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NeoCon East

December 29, 2016

Leading up to the holiday season every year are two major industry trade shows: NeoCon East, this year in Philadelphia, Nov. 9 and 10; and Boutique Design New York (BDNY), hosted in Manhattan Nov. 13 and 14. Both shows are expansive and the 2016 editions were no exception. NeoCon East showcased the latest in contract design across multiple categories. However, this year delivered some notable flooring and furniture in particular. BDNY wasn’t short of the latest product, either, with its specialized focus on the hospitality sector; the originality on the show floor is unparalleled.

Read on for a collection of select showstoppers from both industry events.

A. Novalis | AVA

The AVA SNSE collection from Novalis is offered in eight bold colors with eight complementary neutrals. A glue-down installation system makes
AVA SNSE an ideal long-term flooring solution for heavy traffic areas in virtually all commercial settings, particularly education and healthcare.

B. Bentley | Rocket Science

Rocket Science, a new carpet tile collection from Bentley, is the next generation of the company’s popular Math Club line. The offering
includes two styles, each offered in two carpet tile sizes (24 x 24 inches and 18 x 36 inches) for optimum installation options. Time Warp
accentuates an organic broken line design while Hyperspace evokes oversized, layered geometrics.

C. Keilahuer | Hangout

Keilhauer’s Hangout collection was designed to support collaboration in the modern workplace. The six pieces within the line work together to offer multifaceted solutions that benefit both individuals and teams. Configuration options facilitate break-out meetings, informal lounging,
one-on-one sessions, or individual personal time.

D. Global | Sidebar

The SideBar collection of desks, bench dividers, and storage units assimilate to any work style, including benching, private, and semi-private applications within an open office layout. Different levels, bench dividers, and storage heights help create unique aesthetics, providing a departure from traditional office “cube farms.”

E. Tandus Centiva | Syllabus

Syllabus is Tandus Centiva’s latest study in nature, the brainchild of menswear designer Jhane Barnes. The line captures the serendipity of nature, telling a story of the world around us. Syllabus is available in eight colors; four of which coordinate with Barnes’ 2nd Power and SquareUp designs. It is made of 100-percent Antron Lumena solution-dyed nylon.

f. Flavor Paper | Élan Vital

Flavor Paper has teamed up with Manhattan-based floral designer Ovando to create an unprecedented wallpaper mural called Élan Vital. Élan Vital is a modern interpretation of still life artwork that showcases Ovando’s floral-arranging skills on a large scale. The murals are made to order, with the arrangement selection, design, layout, and scale customized for each setting and printed with water-based inks on a variety of eco-friendly materials.

G. Durkan | Mindscapes

Designed by Durkan in collaboration with 13&9, Mindscapes is a broadloom carpet produced for hospitality with an aesthetic inspired by the abstracted patterns of the moon’s landscape. The patterns of the collection are uniquely designed so that the running-line broadloom carpet can easily be adapted into pre-determined rug sizes. Utilizing Durkan’s patented Synthesis technology, color gradients layer on top of a textured base to create a three-dimensional visual.

H. Hansgrohe | AXOR Citterio E collection

A longtime collaborator with the AXOR brand from Hansgrohe, Antonio Citterio has brought his sophisticated architectural aesthetic to the bath with his third line for the brand, the AXOR Citterio E collection. Citterio worked closely with the AXOR design team to create the sleek and elegantly designed line of faucets and shower components.

I. Carnegie | Gilded Couture Xorel Collection

New from Carnegie is the Gilded Couture Xorel Collection, with dazzling metallic effects in five patterns for walls, panels, and upholstery. The technology behind the line has been in development since 2012 with the goal to add metal embellishment and maintain Xorel’s sustainability and performance attributes. The color palette works off of a number of standard Xorel weaves with the enhancement of thin layers of gold, silver, copper, and rose gold.

J. Sonneman | Suspenders

Initially conceptualized by Robert Sonneman in the late 1980s, Suspenders LED structural lighting offers infinite configuration possibilities
for use across a range of applications. Comprised of three main components—a power bar, hangers, and luminaires—the system can be configured as individual lighting sculptures or as a tiered web.

K. Architectural Systems, Inc. | Shimmer Raised Pearl

Shimmer Raised Pearl from Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI), is a conduit for today’s sustainability messaging with a global design influence. The finish features a unique color combination of three tones of mesh-backed 12.5 x 12.5-inch sheets available in a gloss finish. Shimmer Raised Pearl is ASI’s entrée into glass mosaics with a minimalist style that is traditional yet modern.

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