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June 28, 2017

When it came time to find a new home for Carvart in New York City, CEO Edward Geyman seized the opportunity to find a space that would represent the recent evolution of the glass-products solutions provider.

“We needed a place where we could really recount the story we were telling out in the market,” he explained. After launching Carvart Contract at NeoCon 2016—a dedicated suite of products for office design including glass boards, screens, tops, and walls with a variety of surfacing options—Geyman decided there was no better way to display the line’s limitless possibilities than within the company’s very own work environment.

So, the decision was made to do away with traditional product displays and use Carvart’s new Times Square offices as a fully functioning showroom. The company occupies an entire floor, wrapped by windows, with the engineering and project management departments occupying one side and sales the other. The team made the move earlier this year.

 “The idea is to walk the clients through an experience,” Geyman explained. And while it was important to utilize a wide variety of products and make things functional, “from an aesthetic point of view, it was important to hold things back.”

Designers BR Design Associates and Ferreira Design Company kept the color scheme to whites and grays. This led to the development of a 25-foot-long sample library with a lit-up shelf that blends seamlessly with the space’s design, while still allowing the featured color and finishing options to stand out. Another shining star is the 40-foot steel island inspired by Geyman’s love for food and hospitality. It ties the studio together and serves as a gathering space for employees having lunch, or larger showroom events such as cooking presentations.

GlassCUBE is one of Carvart’s latest introductions, launched just last month at NeoCon. It’s a freestanding, non-construction-based glass wall system with an open-air ceiling. It can be easily relocated without causing any structural disruption, and comes in a variety of layout options such as O-shape (fully enclosed freestanding) and U-shape (semi-enclosed freestanding or wall-attached). Multiple glass panel finishing options include writable, frosted, colored, and more. Hang-on display shelves can also be added. Carvart’s NYC Studio utilizes glassCUBE as a breakout meeting space, but it can also serve as a lounge, reception area, or a private touchdown spot.

Product options were incorporated into every space of the new facility, such as marker boards in flush frame, floating frame, and beveled frame. It gives the visiting client an organic experience in seeing different styles of the same offering in situation, rather than sifting through display racks or catalogues.

A conference room features an entire 20-foot wall of Carvart’s white Floating Frameless glass, which is cladded and has a writable surface. “BR Design really wanted to show off this product [in this area],” Geyman said. “It’s been working great for us.” When used in conjunction with the 20-foot conference table and TV on the opposite side, Floating Frameless has helped in facilitating some very successful brainstorming sessions. When used live, client visitors are able to see how Floating Frameless and other products make for a more effective work environment.

Photography by Bradley Imaging

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