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Studio Hanna Lantto Stands Out During Helsinki Design Week

October 2, 2018

Hanna Lantto stoolHelsinki Design Week, held this year between September 6th and 16th, and the accompanying Habitare tradeshow, stands out for several reasons.

In particular, attendees are introduced to student and young designers in “The Block”—an exhibition space near the main entrance of the convention center.

Hanna Lantto Piilo stools
Piilo three colors designer Hanna Lantto

For younger designers, there is a freedom in expression through production that can, at times, be edited out of the process in larger projects and firms. The Block showcases an optimism that can sometimes feel buried in tradeshows.

Of the exhibitors, Hanna Lantto’s work in particular stood out to both myself and Cara McCarty, curatorial director of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, who named Lantto’s Piilo stool-slash-table as one of her favorite products throughout the show.

Piilo three colors designer Hanna Lantto
Hanna Lantto's Piilo stool-slash-table 

Hanna Lantto green stoolPiilo is exemplary in its use of light birch, geometric forms, and Finnish simplicity. Painted in bright hues, it can be used as either a stool or a side table, opening from the top to unveil a storage space.

Hanna LanttoWhat is so unique about Piilo is that it can be used in a variety of ways, particularly in snug spaces where every inch is premium. The bells and whistles of this product is that it doesn’t require bells and whistles.

In her description, Lantto says that while she “would like to see it used in personal and fun color combinations”—of which six are available—“most importantly as a natural part of [the] user’s surroundings.”

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