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Eaton Fine Art Creates Uplifting Environment for Central Texas Clinic

November 30, 2018

Treatment for any kind of medical illness can be stressful, nerve-wracking and full of anxiety for both patients and their families. Because of this, Eaton Fine Art (EFA), a full-service art consultancy firm based in Austin, TX, wanted to do its part to make patients’ visits to ASA Moody Medical Clinic more welcoming. ASA Moody Medical Clinic is a facility dedicated to patient-centered, life-affirming care for Central Texans affected by HIV, and has been treating those in the community for over 30 years.

EFA owners and founders, Terry Eaton and Robert Williams, spearheaded the art program for the newly opened clinic, which included adding uplifting elements throughout its entrance, corridors and exam rooms. The collection of artwork their team gathered features a carefully curated series that is meant to bring joy and calmness to patients and employees of the clinic.

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Welcoming Fine Art

Upon walking through the doors of the ASA Moody Medical Clinic, visitors are now greeted by beautifully vibrant art, which collectively creates a warm and inviting space for patients to receive care. It’s an “embracing hug,” as Eaton puts it.

Infusing light-hearted visuals throughout the clinic – including pieces inspired by music, abstract forms and landscapes – assists with increased positivity in mood and is ultimately intended to improve and expedite patient healing.

Eaton and Williams donated every piece of art, as well as their time and expertise, to create and install the art program. The duo and their team of curators worked closely with ASA staff to design the custom wall wrapping seen in the lobby and foyer, as well as to curate each of the individual pieces on display in exam rooms and throughout the halls of the clinic. They also worked with multiple Austin-based artists whose art thematically integrates bold and cool colors to create an atmosphere of comfort and support.

“Eaton Fine Art works with a very broad definition of what art is, looking beyond typical media when possible in order to find works that are visually stimulating and true to the story being told within a hospitality space,” says Eaton. “The firm loves to collaborate to either develop a creative narrative for a hospitality or healthcare project, or work with a design team and owners/operators to curate an art program that enhances an existing narrative.”

EFA previously designed and curated donated art for ASA's Jack Sansing Dental Clinic, as well as the ASA’s Austin-based headquarters. When asked how to get involved for those that want to help, Eaton says the best way to make a lasting impact is by becoming a sustaining donor of AIDS Services of Austin. He also pointed out that tomorrow, December 1, is World AIDS Day, an official global public health campaign that is marked by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Donations can also be made by visiting their website, which additionally includes a calendar of events and volunteer opportunities. As noted on the ASA’s site, ‘From stuffing condom packets to filling grocery bags, we have volunteer opportunities across our programs and services year-round.’”

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