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Who'll Get a Golden Ticket in This Month's Acoustics Curios Box?

March 26, 2019

The modern world is a noisy one. Be it a residential or commercial room, sound levels influence how users experience a space. The architecture and design industry is becoming increasingly aware of acoustics and how it plays an integral part in the design process for buildings and their interiors.

Whether it’s an open office that needs to handle both confidential conversations and socializing between coworkers, or a compact restaurant where guests like to mingle, designers need products that are able to absorb sound waves bouncing around the room. The latest acoustic technologies are far more advanced than seen in years past and include options that both look and sound good - proving that valuable acoustics don’t need to be noticeable.

In this latest Curios installment, you’ll find examples of how companies are making the shift to appeal more to interior designers by creating acoustic panels, carpet, tile, lighting fixtures and textiles that cater to custom styles and current market trends. Offering sound control and noise reduction, these acoustical selections should help you successfully tackle your next interior project while making it both easy on the eyes and the ears.

The Golden Ticket, from Mecho

On top of all of the amazing acoustics products featured in this month's Curios Box, one lucky recipient will also receive a Golden Ticket courtesy of Mecho. The 'Design Champion' who discovers the Golden Ticket will receive the opportunity to work with Mecho to create a quiet, beautiful shade for their office. 

The Products of the Acoustics Curios Box

Fast>Track from 9Wood

Recently added to 9Wood’s offering is the Fast>Track program. The Fast>Track program offers delivery of custom wood ceilings within 6 weeks! With over 100 different product options, custom stains, and a variety of panel sizes, you can tailor Fast>Track to your space.

Chords from Ground Control Surfaces

Playing off a hip California music vibe, Ground Control’s luxury vinyl plank flooring collection, Chords, is designed to give a fresh, upbeat style to commercial interiors, while providing superior sound and vibration control.

Zintra Acoustic Solutions from MDC

Zintra Acoustic Solutions absorb external and internal sound influences reducing the noise in a room making people feel more comfortable. Offered in a range of applications including clouds, panels, baffles, or customized shapes.

Architectural Clouds from MDC

The Architectural Clouds from MDC add dimension and beauty to any room. Offering advanced 3D freeform tube bending technology, the Architectural Clouds are vailable in shapes to evoke cumulus, cirrus, and stratus clouds.

Acoustic Solutions from Snowsound

Intelligently designed and engineered to deliver the most comfortable acoustic experience.  With the growing need for acoustic comfort in spaces, Snowsound introduces a line of high-end acoustic solutions and world class technology that architects, designers and project owners no longer need to hide.

Hush Acoustic Light from wakaNINE

The HUSH Acoustic Light fixture range enables designers to place acoustic objects into a space to attenuate sound, improve space acoustics and illuminate the space.


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