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This Month's Curios Box Delivers Examples of Trendsetting Sustainability

May 14, 2019

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? Or, are you one who likes to wait it out to see if the newest craze will last or fizzle fast? Trends have an undeniable place in interior commercial design – some like velvet and jewel tones re-emerge, while others like biophilia and sustainable materials have slowly gained traction and are now in full force.

All trends have one thing in common – they set out to re-inspire our creativity and push the boundaries of what a space can look and feel like. Green design is one trend that has been growing in spaces both old and new, and bringing nature inside has never looked better. Vibrant living walls, sustainably certified interiors and eco-friendly products that use recycled materials continue to be the ways in which companies exercise their green thumbs. You’ll find more green examples in the samples we’ve provided in this box.


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What's in this month's Curios Box?

EcoSense from Spradling International

EcoSense products go beyond enduring time, enhancing spaces and creating emotions. We are motivated by a commitment to the future, by having a positive impact on the environment, people and communities around us.

These products represent a new approach to sustainability in coated fabrics. They are built to endure conditions that will destroy traditional textiles.

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Edessa from MDC

MDC provides the most Environmentally Preferred Products from responsible manufacturers. They strive to continually improve all lifecycle elements of their products: creation, transport, installation, and eventual replenishment into the lifecycle stream.

So, when you order a sample from MDC, you're making the world a little greener.

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Living Products from Mohawk

As a part of their commitment to believing in better, Mohawk Group has embarked on the journey of creating handprints over footprints through the Living Product Challenge. The International Living Future (ILFI) provides a framework for manufactures to reimagine the design and construction of products to function as elegantly and efficiently as anything found in the natural world.

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Top Selling from SSI North America

SSI delivers a collection of their top selling designs throughout North America Their philosophy is to build relationships with customers, vendors and industry partners to create meaningful design solutions that support the decorative surfaces segment of the woodworking industry.

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We want to know: What other interior design trends are you seeing in 2019? Which of these do you expect to see on display in the products and showrooms at NeoCon, June 10-12? Is virtual reality becoming the norm for showcasing blueprints to clients, or is human-centric design the next big thing? Use #curiosbox on InstagramFacebookLinkedIn and Twitter to let us know!

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