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The Future is Now: USB-powered Umbrellas Make Their Debut [HD Expo]

May 16, 2019

Fiberbuilt Umbrellas, manufacturer of durable contract umbrellas and accessories, just announced its newest product - a charging station within the umbrella base. Powered by a discrete solar charger, it comes in handy for charging cell phones and other USB-powered devices and is ideal for poolsides, convention areas and hospitality spaces. President & CEO Paul Knapp demonstrates. 



Paul Knapp: Yes. This is an umbrella. We have a new product, which is a solar charger for your cell phone. You have your person at the hotel, and they need their phone charged. They’re out by the pool or conventions and they need their phone charged, this is an ability for them to charge their phone.

Here is the solar charger up here. And we manufacture the product in Fort Lauderdale. And we give you the whole product ready to go.

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