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“Mapping” Out the Latest from Concertex and NappaTile

June 11, 2019

Design Director Aaron Mensik shares the inspiration behind his new Topo collection for Concertex, along with his vision when designing the NappaTile showroom for NeoCon 2019.

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Adrian Thompson: Thank you for joining me. My name is Adrian Thompson and I am with Interiors+Sources. We are at NeoCon 2019.

Today, I’m in Concertex and NappaTile’s booth. I am with Aaron Mensik, he is the design director for both.

And Aaron actually just launched an awesome new collection in the Concertex booth called the Toppo Collection. Aaron, can you just describe the inspiration behind that? They have a lot of fun colors and patterns going on. So, what is this collection all about?

Aaron Mensik: So, the Toppo Collection was really inspired by topographical maps. That’s where the word comes from, it’s kind of shortening of that word.

But we’re trying to take Concertex and NappaTile through an evolution. And it was my jumping off point in that topographic maps show the evolution of the landscape in a way that the earth changes.

So, we’re both going through a change. So, I really wanted to portray that within the design by including more flowing, organic lines, some more earthy colors, but also those really fun, beautiful colors that we see in the settings around us.

Adrian: And looking at this fun pattern, we have a really colorful one. I saw kind of a darker neutral back there. Where might you see these being applied? What sectors?

Aaron: Well, so the marble, one of our star patterns for the collection, is indoor/outdoor Sunbrella Contract. So, it’s useable poolside, outside areas.

And I think that’s where this large-scale pattern is really going to be most applicable in furniture that you see outside in a natural setting, where it really connects to the nature around it. But it also is very useable indoors because of its great attributes.

Adrian: Yeah. Well, obviously, the fabric has to be durable if it works in both spaces. And then going off of the collection, how many patterns and colorways does it come in, the Toppo Collection?

Aaron: So, the Toppo Collection comes in 13 new patterns, which includes coated and woven materials. I don’t know the total SKUs off the top of my head.

Adrian: Still working on it, maybe, right?

Aaron: Well, we’re waiting for everything to ship out. But we do have a really nice range of both softer colors for this collection and some beautiful neutrals in all of the new textiles that are coming out.

So, trying to develop the look of the brand, just trying to bring out things that are a little bit more fashion-forward and beautiful.

Adrian: And let’s just jump over to NappaTile really quickly. We were just in their booth and you were showing me the range of products you guys are offering there.

I know it was a new showroom for you last year. So, what are you doing in NappaTile? What are you trying to showcase with their range of products that they offer?

Aaron: So, at NappaTile, we’re trying to bring the brand through an evolution. And the way that I’ve been doing that is trying to figure out what the look of new product that we want to develop is going to be.

I created an artwork really for the walls in the NappaTile showroom that kind of showcases the exploration that I’ve been through in taking the components that we offer already, padded, but also sculptured tiles, combining them, applying new beautiful colors and trying to reinvent the look of NappaTile.

Also, exploring a little bit of a different color palette for us in that I’m trying to take a color palette that is very colorful, but also somewhat muted. And it gives it a really beautiful soft, kind of rich look.

Adrian: And you guys use different kinds of materials, too, right? I saw some with acoustical properties, I think I saw some velvet over there. So, there’s lots of options for whatever you’re looking for, pretty much.

Aaron: Yeah. Of course. So, we have a lot of different textures that are mimicking actual leather. We do have faux suedes, which kind of create a really interesting textural look.

We have other coated textures as well as metallic looks. So, it’s something where you can combine those elements to create something that is very rich and colorful.

Adrian: Cool. Well, I know you highlighted change and evolution for both. I think we can definitely see that in your products compared to showrooms last year. So, thank you for showing us.

Just so people in our audience know, when does the Toppo Collection officially launch? Is it launching now? In the fall? When can we see that?

Aaron: So, the Toppo Collection will be launching this fall, which is officially September 1, 2019.

Adrian: Great. Well, we are excited. Thank you for joining me and enjoy the rest of NeoCon.

Aaron: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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