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Isenberg’s Infinity Faucet Combines Sleek, Colorful Design with Waterfall Effect

November 11, 2019

Add a modern touch to your next bathroom project with the sleek design found in Isenberg’s new Infinity Wall Mount Faucet. The latest innovation from the Texas-based kitchen and bath fixture manufacturer frames the side of the bathroom mirror before angling away from the wall to create a smooth waterfall effect.

Photo: Isenberg 4 color options. Credit: Isenberg

“We wanted to provide a different water delivery method and also have an art piece on the vanity,” says Abbas Poonawala, director of sales and marketing for Isenberg. “This inspired us to design the Infinity.”

The faucet’s eye-catching design elevates bathroom aesthetics both with its geometric lines and through its array of colorful finishes.

Designers can choose from thin film ceramic finishes like classic glossy white and black or bolder options such as crimson, blue platinum or the signature Isenberg green. The Infinity faucet also features a hidden aerator, which allows for a sleeker design and easier cleaning.

Photo: Dual Infinity Faucet. Credit: Isenberg.

These ceramic finishes are eco-friendly because they are oven-cured, which creates a durable product that’s corrosion-proof and resistant to scratches, chips and abrasive solvents. Isenberg considers water conservation in all its faucet designs, which is why Infinity uses a water-saving 1.2 gallons per minute with a standard ½-inch plumbing connection.

The Infinity faucet can be installed on the left or right side of a mirror, making it a solution for symmetrical dual vanities in high-end hospitality and residential environments.

With its sculptural vibe, waterfall effect and vast selection of available colors, this faucet is out to make a big impact in bathroom design.

Photo: Green Infinity Faucet. Credit: Isenberg.


Read how it breaks down below.

  • 34 – Infinity’s height in inches
  • 1.2 – Water-saving gallons per minute flow rate
  • 20 – Ceramic-based finishes
  • 9-inch-Spout projection from wall
  • 2019 – Introduced to the market in June
  • 12 – Months to develop from concept to prototype
  • 3 – Ways to install, including left side of mirror, right side of mirror or both
  • 2 – Styles of handles: deck or wall mount
  • 200,000 – Number of times test machinery at Isenberg turns faucet handles on and off to ensure product performance

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