A Contest With Purpose

The Purpose Awards

As we’ve continued to hone our new vision here at i+s and BUILDINGS, we’ve been asking our readers and ourselves: How can we help encourage product manufacturers, architects and designers to truly express their core values in their work?

How might we encourage building owners and facility managers and all those who collaborate to create buildings—to aim higher, to inspire to something greater?

The ideas continue to roll in, but here’s our favorite so far...

Introducing the Purpose Awards.

Preparing for Re-Entry eHandbook

Preparing for Re-Entry eHandbook

Strategies for Working, Living and Learning in the Post-Pandemic World

Now that the pandemic is beginning to recede and life is returning to “normal,” it’s a good time to ask ourselves: what did we learn in the process, and how did COVID affect the way we view the things we do in the buildings we inhabit?

This eHandbook attempts to answer those questions and others as a variety of experts share the latest thinking that has emerged from the pandemic as it relates to new paradigms for the workplace, be it hybrid offices or work-from-home spaces, and more.

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The Benefield Project


Design with Purpose

The Benefield project is a community effort from start to finish.

While Citizen HKS is donating its design services throughout the duration of the project, more help is needed to get the job done.

i+s and BUILDINGS are looking for donated in-kind products, furnishings and materials or reduced rates for needed items.


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