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Protecting Against Product Failure in Healthcare Settings

As surfaces in hospitals and other medical facilities are being cleaned more frequently with harsher chemicals in the wake of COVID, product failures in the field are becoming alarmingly more commonplace. In this episode, Julie Short discusses an innovative film product from DuPont that can be applied to virtually any surface that offers added durability and cleanability.

The Latest in Flooring Acoustics

Bring quiet concentration to busy spaces with the acoustic benefits of nora rubber flooring. Reduce room noise by up to 20 dB and add ergonomic comfort and durability.

The Latest in Flooring Acoustics

Several factors contribute to a space’s acoustic environment, from the drone of air conditioning, to the ceiling tile, to a cart rolling across the floor. 

Power Your Furniture

Power Grommets offer practical design solutions for convenient power access in all furniture

Creative Ways to Finish Around Windows

Save money by finishing windows with drywall scraps and decorative corner bead. It is quick and easy! Plus, this technique can be customized to a client’s liking  and offers cost-savings compared to traditional aluminum or wood materials.

To begin, trim out the window with a layer of drywall. Be sure to install drywall with the required setback for the corner bead that will be installed.