Trend Forecasting: What's Next for Design in 2022-23?

The pandemic may have turned the world upside-down but it didn't disrupt design trends—it strengthened long-term movements like biophilia that have been evolving for years. In this insightful conversation, trend forecaster and design entrepreneur Stacy Garcia shares her expertise on how to spot trends over fads and what the design industry can expect in the coming years in terms of colors, materials, patterns and technology. She also talks about her new wallcovering collection with Koroseal. 

Pruning the Tree: Where Design Solutions Arise

Where do our ideas come from? What motivates us to innovate? Listen in as Eric MacDonald, OM Seating product design manger, and furniture designer and engineer Francisco Romero chat about the design process where ideas come from, and the stories we tell along the way. The insight they bring forth will resonate with any of us interested in developing an enduring design process, whether as an independent designer or part of an in-house team.

Designing Women: Two Female Executives Share Their Views on Life, Leadership and Equity

More than 60% of interior designers are women, yet only 11% occupy leadership roles in the industry. Why is that, and how do we ensure there are more seats at the leadership table for women and people from diverse backgrounds? Join this lively discussion i+s recently had with Shannon Cochran, VP of Marketing + Design for Patcraft, and Susan Pilato, CEO of Mantra Inspired Furniture, as they share their perspectives on the role of female executives in the interior design industry and how we can make it more equitable for everyone.

Students Create Award-winning Designs With Laminate

In this episode, the winners of the 2020 and 2021 Formica FORM Student Innovation Competition sat down with Chief Content Director Robert Nieminen to talk about what inspired their winning designs and using laminate as a medium. Formica's Group VP of Design, Renee Hytry Derrington, also shares the company's passion for supporting design education and how the competition has evolved over the years.

How to Specify Lighting and Controls for Healthcare

Healthcare and senior living facilities can be challenging when it comes to lighting. Designers must make sure there is adequate light for a wide spectrum of people, from young CNAs to senior residents, all of whom have very different needs. Learn more about specifying lighting and controls for healthcare.

Benefitting Benefield: Tretford Americas Cares for a Community Through Carpet

Many generous sponsors are helping make the Benefield Project a reality, including Tretford Americas. Designed with the highest grade Cashmere goat hairs from natural, sustainable resources, Tretford Americas' carpets are produced free from chemicals and toxins, making them an ideal match for the Benefield site. Courtney White, sales representative for Tretford Americas, dives into this patented manufacturing process and how it helps provide a healthier environment.

Benefiting Benefield: How 3form is Helping Transform a Community

BUILDINGS and i+s have partnered with global design firm HKS and nonprofit Boaz + Ruth on a new community-based project in Richmond, Virginia—the Benefield Building. One of the generous sponsors helping make this project a reality is 3form. Learn more about 3form's involvement.

The Third Place: Redefining the New Workspace Without the Workplace

Whether or not the physical workplace defines the future office, there is a growing need to have third place spaces available. Third places are most successful when they can provide value to their users through design elements and service offerings that will outweigh the benefits of the typical first or second places. Shay Lam, managing executive and Studio Creative Director of TPG Architecture, shares his tips on creating these growing environments, and how designers can grab consumer attention and make them feel like they are neither at home nor at work.

Protect Rivers by Specifying Smart

Mohawk Group is launching its Waterways Project, featuring a mobile showroom packed with product solutions that are environmentally friendly and ready to specify. Here's what you can expect when you experience the event.