How to Specify

How to Specify for the Retail Market

Retail is a fast-paced market in the interior design industry. With quick project timelines, frequent renovations and rapidly changing trends, specifying materials for a retail space gives designers an opportunity to think about the impact of their product selections in an entirely different light. Read how now. 

How to Specify: Textiles

In this episode, guest Moira Murray of Ultrafabrics walks designers through the in’s and out’s of fabric specification for commercial design projects. From yarn construction, performance, cleaning and applications across different markets, Murray shares her insights so that specifiers can make the most informed decisions when selecting fabrics.

How to Specify: Coated Upholstery Fabrics for Healthcare

Specifying fabrics for healthcare environments can be daunting, especially in light of more stringent cleaning and performance protocols surrounding the pandemic. Members of the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) join host Robert Nieminen to discuss important new guidelines and tests for specifying coated upholstery fabrics for healthcare settings.

How to Specify: Commercial Carpet

Think specifying commercial carpet is simple? Take another look (or listen) and join guest Bruce Campos with Starnet Worldwide Flooring Coop, as he recommends what designers and specifiers should look for when starting a project, as well as dispels some myths around carpet sanitation in light of COVID-19.

How to Specify: Climate-Positive Materials

Decorative laminates and composite woods are some of the most sustainable choices for materials. Find out what makes them such a great choice in the fight against climate change and how they can impact human health in this discussion with guest Kenn Busch, founder of Material Intelligence. 

How to Specify: Sustainable Furniture

How can designers tell if a product is truly sustainable or if it’s just been greenwashed? Join Chief Content Director Robert Nieminen as he talks with Brad Miller and Jennifer Wammack of BIFMA about product sustainability standards.

How to Specify: Kitchen & Bath

What do designers need to consider before specifying products for a new kitchen and bath project? How is COVID-19 going to change the way these spaces are designed to help prevent the spread of infection? Robert Nieminen talks to Lorenzo Marquez of the Marqet Group to answer these questions and more.