Design Hits the Catwalk at Product Runway

On November 11, the design community came out to see NEWH New York&rsquo;s Product Runway, a fundraiser for students working towards a career in the hospitality industry. We recap the winning designs from a big night.<br />

Welcome to the Wild West

As green product claims continue to proliferate in a marketplace largely devoid of rules and guidance, what’s a designer to do?

Transparently Green

 While Environmental Produc Declarations have increased disclosure of the environmental impacts of building materials and furnishings, the advent of the Health Product Declaration promises to provide even more transparency.

The Transparent Revolution

A (quiet) revolution in the building materials industry is slowly peeling back the layers of opacity surrounding these products and helping designers to build healthier spaces.

Clearing the Air on IAQ

Proposed changes to LEED’s IEQ Credit 4, designed to improve indoor air quality, may inadvertently have the opposite effect.

The Future of EcoLabeling

To better understand and discern between environmental product claims, A&D profess ionals need to stay apprised as to the latest developments in EcoLabeling.