Spindrift Marble

Made with Carrara stone, Spindrift Marble tiles capture the chic aesthetic of marble slabs in a playful, organic shape reminiscent of pebbles.


Joining MDC’s successful Zintra line is Enercee, sound absorbing panels that represent a new class of decorative surfaces that are washable and cleanable, while maintaining a strong aesthetic.

HardStop Decorative Protection Panels

Formica introduces HardStop Decorative Protection Panels, a new line of high-performance wall panels featuring a fiberglass core for added durability, strength and fire resistance.

Lagom Collection

The Lagom Collection is inspired by the Swedish word meaning “just the right amount” and is characterized by simple, clean lines and uncomplicated structures.


Deconstruction brings beauty to the surface with Splice. The wallcovering started as an original painting that the design studio cut into strips to give new life as a collage.

HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels

HardStopDecorative Protection Panels by Formica Group offer a worry-free solution for high-performance wall panels by blending ease of installation and impact resistance with a full range of design select

Acoustic Edge

Edge is an architectural acoustic wall tile that becomes a building block for near infinite brickwork patterns.

Divine Proportions

Innovations’ summer collection, Divine Proportions, is an exploration of organic geometry and mathematical modernism in wallcoverings.


Crush from Versa Wallcovering creates a playful, organic design capturing the movement of sunlight through lush foliage. Translucent layers of overlapping pigments emulate watercolor paintings and hand-dyed fabrics.