Marcia Sky

The Marcia Sky digital print wallcovering gives an art deco feel to any space.

Street Art

National Solutions

Street Art by Level is a custom digital print on an acoustic wallcovering derived from 100 percent post-industrial recycled polyester (80 bottles equals one yard).


Pergola—a panel wallcovering from the Spring 2022 Uplift collection—is crafted by specialized artisans, a practice Weitzner holds dear to her heart.


Montado gives Innovations’ classic cork wallcoverings a new direction. Instead of using the widest part of the cork bark, Montado uses slices from its side.

Outdoor Living Walls

Eco Brooklyn

Eco Brooklyn’s outdoor living walls feature a coconut fiber and binder mix to insulate the roots during extreme temperatures and has the natural water retention quality of the living wall substr

Earth Cells Medley


Creators of made-to-measure wallpaper murals, Wallsauce has launched its very own collection of designs.


First roller printed, then embossed for a soft touch-feel, Woodgrain turns nature’s inspiration on its side.


With the introduction of two new patterns, Wolf-Gordon extends its RAMPART line of flexible, impact-resistant wall protection to now include PVC-free options constructed of an olefin composite material.

Chasing Shadow

Wolf-Gordon expands their Curated Collection of digitally printed wallcovering, panel and upholstery textiles with the introduction of 13 designs from six different artists.