New Horizons

New Horizons is a customizable collection of five EchoPanel acoustic products that facilitate healthier interior environments.


Wolf-Gordon previews an all new Type II wallcovering category with CLAIR, a PVC-free material that has durability and performance capabilities on par w


REPEAT OFFENDERS by Ghislaine Viñas expands Wolf-Gordon’s contract wallcovering collection with three bold designs—Holding Pattern, Tangled Up and Vicious Circle—which give a cheeky nod to the cyclical nature of innov

Durapalm Panels

The new range of Durapalm carved wall and ceiling panel systems is the first of several to be launched this year.

Fusion Wood Panels

Fusion Wood Panels blend old world craftsmanship and contemporary design, delivering an organized architectural statement.

Tartan Tile Collection

The Tartan Tile Collection is the newest addition to Kirei’s EchoPanel series. It’s a collection of modular acoustic tiles offering a myriad design possibilities.

Versa Wall Protection

Versa Wall Protection is an advanced suite of flexible wall products with two levels of protection: Versa Impact and Versa Guard.


Boreas is a new textured wallpaper from the Graham & Brown Tropique collection.


Lore is a collection of four murals inspired by literature.


Wolf-Gordon adds 12 new WonderWood products that capture the warmth and richness of popular tree species’ grains in an environmentally friendly alternative to trad