Supreen is a revolutionary new performance fabric that tackles the spills and stains of everyday life without compromising high-end design, sustainability or materiality.

Pure+ Uptown

Pure+ Uptown channels the Chicago-cool neighborhood with a penchant for fashion, jazz and the eclectic.


Co-created by Duvaltex and Steelcase, in partnership with SEAQUAL initiative, which turns marine plastic waste into recycled products with full traceability, Intersection is the first Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES

Hygienic Leather

Enhanced with an innovative graphene finish with natural antiviral and antibacterial properties, technology spearheaded by Directa Plus, the latest line of Pelle Frau leathers showcases how the design world continues


After recent testing in partnership with Novawall, the results confirmed that PVC-free performance fabric Brisa, when combined with a 1-inch acoustic fiberglass system such as Novawall, is an excellent sound absorber


This Fall marks an exciting new step for Camira with the launch of Regent—its first matte-finish velvet.


Framework uses complementary hues and interestingly textured fabrics to create a consistent, modern narrative within a space.


Dunes is a wall-applied acoustic solution made of two layers of Snowsound Fiber Boucle, part of a family of sound-absorbing textiles that can achieve NRC ratings up to 1.0.

Suede Plush

Suede Plush provides the luxury and softness of quality suede while performing at a higher level. This product is inherently ink- and stain-resistant and resistant to liquids, such as red wine and ketchup.

Sunbrella Assure

Sunbrella Assure is a fluorine-free textile that delivers water repellency, stain resistance and enhanced durability.