2021 Formica Specialty Collection

The 2021 Formica Specialty Collection includes a trove of surfacing choices to help drive innovative design concepts across the commercial spectrum.


Designed to modernly mimic the traditional architecture depicted in Scandinavian storybooks, these interlocking wall tiles are offered in a variety of patterns and shapes to provide functional wall art.

Flek Pure

After more than 10 years of extensive research and development, 3form introduces a new 100% recycled material: Flek Pure.

Surface Mode

The Surface Mode collection offers new designs on thicker metal and can be installed without a supportive laminate backer, which makes installation easier and more affordable.


Pavilion is a new outdoor solution that provides a safe, physical space that can cater to any collaboration scenario, providing outdoor classrooms and work areas that include tents, furniture and power.

Upfit 2.0

Upfit 2.0 is an award-winning adaptive structure from Landscape Forms that provides power, light, display, surfaces and shelter from the elements.

Ready Railing

Superior Aluminum Products introduces Ready Railing which instantly creates temporary boundaries to help with social distancing.


A new ultraviolet C (UVC) disinfecting product can now be applied to three of Fairfield’s best-selling lounge chair series—the Payton Series, Conrad Series and Modern Arm Wall Hugger Recliner.

Living Well

The Living Well collection is an inspired mix of colors and paints chosen to invite a sense of comfort, style and well-being into a space.


Specular features 12 new physically textured and diffusive surfaces that allow light to respond to metal in unparalleled ways.