Specular features 12 new physically textured and diffusive surfaces that allow light to respond to metal in unparalleled ways.


The BOB series has now expanded to include a plexiglass divider named BOB-19, as a reflection of the demands of changing times.


Made with a specialized adhesive component that adheres to both smooth and rough surfaces, DI-NOC is able to solve a wide range of design challenges, from renewing furniture and covering interior and exterior walls to

Transira Window Solutions

A new breakthrough in window systems, Transira Prime Window Solutions resolves several common problems faced by hospitals and clinics.

Engravings Collection

Móz Designs is adding six new patterns to its Engravings Collection, the three-dimensional decorative metal surfacing solution that merges digital technology and artisan craftsmanship.

Varia Design Collection

3form introduces a design collection for its flagship line of resin, Varia, adding a curated palette of patterns and colors to make the challenge of material selection less time consuming for designers, but no less cr

Privacy Panels

Studio Other introduces a new family of attachable privacy panels designed to offer a high level of flexibility for existing workstations.

Protective Acrylic Shields

Poppin has launched a series of Protective Acrylic Shields, providing peace of mind for employees in an open-office environment.

Velcro Social Distancing Strap

To help individuals adhere to social distancing regulations, the Sandler Social Distancing Strap can be placed on a seat to identify the chosen social distancing pattern.