Details + Decor

Wiremold ModPower

The flexible Wiremold ModPower system is the first code-compliant modular power system that allows for six feet of separation, complying with social distancing guidelines, and can connect up to six separate units to b

Plectere Curve

Define space easily with Plectere Curve. Braided wool felt strips come together to make a soft and three-dimensional hanging panel that comes in two standard sizes—Quarter Circle and Half Circle.


GiosFelt is an environmentally friendly acoustic solution that is both sophisticated and functional.

No-Touch Door Handle Cuff

Mockett’s new Door Handle Cuff offers a hygienic approach to opening traditional interior doors to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Bluetooth Bridge

The new Bluetooth Bridge from Fulham is the first in a series of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) components designed to connect luminaires into a Bluetooth mesh ecosystem.


The Duette TrackGlide custom widow treatment system from Hunter Douglas keeps shades in place against the window glass regardless of whether it’s closed, tilted or turned inwards.

Enchanted Forest Objects

The Enchanted Forest Objects is a new collection of conceptual, hand-blown glass tree formations that are meant to be mixed and matched at will.

Elevate Rugs

Our bestselling collection of New Zealand wool and wool blend rugs.  These luxuriously textured rugs bring the natural beauty of wool to your floors.