Deconstructed Form

Deconstructed Form is the latest adaptation within the patent pending Deconstructed platform. The Deconstructed collections expose the product’s primary backing to create pattern and color variation.

Off The Chain

Off The Chain is a carpet inspired by the literal and figurative warmth of wool.

States of Water

This 24-by-24-inch carpet tile collection features a sweeping gradient and nature-inspired visuals designed to evoke a sense of calm and wellbeing.


This vibrant collection brings the show-stopping world of theater and fashion to flooring.


Lilayi (pronounced “Lie-Lay”) is an African term from Zambia that is translated as "the place to rest at sunset." The name ties in harmoniously with the theme of the nature-inspired designs found in this collection by

Chelsea Estate

Chelsea Estate, inspired by the sophisticated lines and nubby bouclés and tweeds of couture fabrics, is eclectic like its namesake.

Swell Collection

The Swell Collection is a new modular carpet born from serene moments along the Maine coastline.

Taking Odds

Taking Odds is a Precision Dye Injection (PDI) carpet tile collection aimed at enhancing hospitality interiors, featuring innovative technology designed to address the specific needs of casinos and gaming centers.

El Alma

Available in 10 unique yet interconnected patterns, the new El Alma collection draws inspiration from traditional motifs and embroidery visuals developed by Latin American cultures.