zr acoustics by delta h design

ZR Acoustics from Delta H Design is a design paradigm that renders any surface acoustically inaudible, like glass making a wall invisible. With all sound reflections eliminated, all egregious acoustical issues cease to exist. Using quantum physics to control air at the molecular level, it controls all sound energy rather than individual frequencies (traditional methods). Benefits include dramatically improved intelligibility, greater comprehension, and increased cognition. Physiological benefits include decreased stress levels and lower blood pressure. 

Ideal applications for ZR Acoustics include hospitality, healthcare, conference rooms, entertainment, multi-media, transportation, aerospace, and anywhere sound is important. The line is available as an acoustical design for permanent construction, as a pre-fab system, and in product format. ZR products come in three families: Micro Technology, Sample Rate Technology, and Hybrid Technology. Wrapped in elegant textiles, Micro and Hybrid Technology devices are only 1.25-inch thick. In natural wood finish infused with Fibonacci mathematics, Sample Rate Technology devices are only ¾-inch thick.

1. ColorCore2 Patterns by Formica Corporation is a surfacing product with color all the way through. The line delivers a luxurious, upscale look to laminates with a clean, white edge. New patterns include White Twill, a grass-cloth inspired visual with a subtle stripe effect in warm-toned white; and White Ash, a fresh and clean white wood with warm, soft gray ticking.

2. Tackling troublesome fingerprints, Wilsonart Traceless Laminate is a high-tech, fingerprint-resistant material that repels smudges and streaks. The technology is infused into the laminate during the manufacturing process, making it part of the product rather than a top coat. It also comes with UL GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions. Traceless Laminate debuts with five neutral tone patterns.

3. Luce, a collection of contemporary handmade glass mosaics by Lunada Bay Tile, uses light reflection and refraction to create shifts in illumination and color. The semi-opaque tiles, offered in four pastel patterns, absorbs and reflects shades of color to create a striking visual effect. Luce is suitable for backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, shower enclosures, and light-traffic flooring.

4. Exclusively for Oceanside Glasstile’s Muse Collection glass tile mosaic patterns, the custom-engineered Textura finish evokes natural and magical elements, including sparkling seas, star gazing, midnight skies, and early morning first light. Six new blends maximize the effect of the finish: Celestial, Leo, Polaris,
Taurus, Virgo, and Zenith.

5. The CARVART Contract Collection offers flexibility with facility-wide architectural glass. The products are all writeable and can be projected onto during presentations. They also come as magnetic or non-magnetic, and smooth or writeable etch. To simplify the design process, 30 colors have been curated.