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Informed Flooring Specifications Designed to Last

October 14, 2021
Roppe flooring in an hospital room

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Use the following learning objectives to focus your study while reading this article. To receive one health, safety and wellness hour of continuing education credit (0.1 CEU) as approved by IDCEC or 1 Learning Unit as approved by AIA, read the slideshow, then log on to take the associated exam

After reading this article, you should be able to:

  • Develop an understanding for various ASTM standards that can help with product comparisons
  • Explore which types of resilient flooring are most appropriate for a variety of occupied spaces
  • Explain a range of available documentation and the relevance to material health
  • Discover the impact that choosing healthy, sustainable products can have on building occupants

*This CEU opportunity is sponsored by Roppe Holding Company.




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Informed Flooring Specifications | Designed to Last | Healthcare Market
AIA CES best practices
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Course Description
Learning objectives
The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an eye-opening experience for individuals and industries alike.
Healthcare market impact
Health market impact
Flooring is the Foundation of the Healing Environment
The designers’ role
Luxury vinyl tile & plank (LVT)
The biophilic design movement
Geography matters
The current slip-resistance test method in the U.S.
Facilities Guidelines Institute
Staircase safety & aesthetics
Staircase safety & aesthetics
Flooring finishes for administration offices
The laws of attraction
The cafeteria is a main gathering space
Cleanliness should be a top priority
Less expensive than the original installation cost, over their lifetime
Daycare services for patients
Communication through color
Affecting the senses
Considering sound control
Utilizing available reports & documents
Resilient flooring ASTM F 970
Investing in material health
Environmental product declaration (EPD)
Health product declaration (HPD)
Declare label requires compliance with the California Department of Public Health
HPDC Builder ( Here are examples of a Declare label and an HPD, in the event you are not familiar with them.
The Red List from ILFI
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Operating room corridors
Antibacterial vs antimicrobial
Infectious viruses prefer the human body
The challenges of patient rooms
Understanding sanitation & disinfection
Disinfecting/killing bacteria & viruses
Labs & specialty testing spaces
Rubber ESD flooring
Designed by collaboration
Sports flooring must pass four tests
Sports flooring must pass four tests
Sports flooring must pass four tests
Sports flooring must pass four tests
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