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Comprehensive Hand Hygiene Design

October 13, 2021
Hand sanitizing station

Earn CEU Credits:

i+s’ Continuing Education Series articles allow design practitioners to earn continuing education unit credits through an article.

Use the following learning objectives to focus your study while reading this article. To receive one health, safety and wellness hour of continuing education credit (0.1 CEU) as approved by IDCEC or 1 Learning Unit as approved by AIA, read the article, then log on to take the associated exam

After reading this article, you should be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of proactively designing hand hygiene into spaces
  • Explain nuances of all regulations and recommendations related to permanent hand sanitizing stations
  • Discuss opportunities for certification points with proper application of hand cleaning devices
  • Demonstrate skills to design spaces that people will be comfortable occupying post disease outbreak

*This CEU opportunity is sponsored by Vaask.




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Comprehensive Hand Hygiene Design CEU
Course Description
Learning Objectives
Pandemic-related innovation
History of Handwashing
Handwashing Golden Age
Future Risk of Complacency
We know everyone should wash their hands but...
Sanitizer dispensers: from afterthoughts to permanent fixtures
If designers don’t include hand sanitizing stations as part of their specifications, someone will purchase and install something ugly instead.
Applicable regulations and recommendations for permanent sanitizer solutions
CDC Section
CDC Recommendations
CDC Formulation
State pandemic regulations
NFPA Installation Location Restrictions
NFPA Alcohol Sanitizers in Dispensers
NFPA Room Types and Dispenser Volumes
NFPA Alcohol Sanitizer Storage
NFPA Ignition Source Identification
NFPA Ignition Sources / Sanitizer Specific
NFPA Dispenser Operation
Here is a brief summary of NFPA’s requirements for hand sanitizers in commercial buildings.
ADA Section
ADA Wall Dispenser Protruding Objects
ADA Cane Detection
ADA Dispenser Activation Reach
ADA Post Mounted Dispensers
ADA Summary
LEED - Building Operation  EQ Prerequisite: Green Cleaning Policy
LEED - Building Operation  EQ Credit: Green Cleaning - Products and Materials
LEED - Building Operation  EQ Credit: Green Cleaning - Equipment
LEED - ID+C & BD+C - Innovation Credits
LEED Summary
UL EcoLogo
UL - Sanitizer
UL - Ingredients
UL - Single-use Refill Products​  ​
UL - Refillable Dispensers
UL Summary
WELL Building Standard
WELL - A09 Pollution Infiltration Management​
WELL - W08 Hygiene Support
WELL - X11 Cleaning Products and Protocols
WELL - X12 B Contact Reduction Part 2. Address Surface Hand Touch
WELL - I01 Innovate Well​
Well Summary
Layout Exercise
What influences sanitizer use?
Open Retail Floor Example
Identify touch areas
Locations for dispensers​
Estimated touches per hour​
Behavioral Factors​
Open Retail Floor Example​
Creation of Vaask
Recessed or free-standing
Light Functions
Vaask dimensions & specifications​
Long life cycle product​
Floor Maintenance​
Floor Maintenance, part 2​
Pump & Motor
Refillable cartridges
Clean by Design