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Fermob USA

January 24, 2017

Designed for natural environments, Fermob USA’s boldly colorful metal (steel or aluminum) furniture pieces are utilized both indoors and out. They feature special anticorrosion treatments and 100-percent polyester, anti-UV powder paint applied electrostatically and then baked at a very high temperature to ensure a long-lasting color and shine. Fermob has the Earth in mind as the paints used contain no solvents and are applied in a zero-waste facility. Metals can be upholstered in Outdoor Technical Fabric (a PVC-coated polyester), woven polymer, or outdoor fabrics developed in conjunction with renowned suppliers such as Ferrari and Dickson.

Options range from seating to lighting and tables. Here, i+s has compiled a selection of Fermob USA’s tables to showcase the company’s range and versatility in function, color, and, most importantly, fun.

Bellevie Low Table 

This coffee table comes in more than 20 powder-coated colors, seen here in Capucine. It measures 29.5 inches x 40.5 inches with a sturdy, powerful design that creates strong shapes, angles, and plains. The rest of the Bellevie family includes a sofa, low armchair, and dining table.
$$$$  $1,051

Alize Low Table   

Representative of Fermob’s sleek, minimalistic style, the Alizé Low Table features streamlined aluminum construction. Pictured here in Honey, it can serve as a bright and striking pop of color in any outdoor lounge area. The Alizé measures 19 inches in diameter.
$ $336

Bellevie Dining Table 

The Low Table’s big cousin is pictured here in Willow Green, showing the line’s diversity and the ability to make a statement with a softer neutral. It is 35.5 inches x 77 inches of lightweight designer aluminum and pairs well with the Bellevie bench. It seats up to 10 people.
$$$$$  $2,862

Alfred Side Table   

The small Alfred Rolling Table is the ideal butler for light storage or display. It has two surfaces set within an asymmetrical steel bar frame; the unique shape can be even more eye-catching dressed up in this Poppy Red. The top handles act as steering.
$ $386

Ariane Dining Table   

The best part of the Ariane is the surrealism-inspired base, with twisting, turning legs to allow for an intimate rendezvous when there is more than one user. Pictured here in Lagoon Blue, Ariane is 23.6 inches x 27.4 inches of aluminum with Fermob’s high-protection treatment. The top also folds down to improve storage.
$$$  $741

Photography courtesy of Fermob USA

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