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British Bone China Light Makes a Striking Statement

October 24, 2018

Established in 1990 by Peter Bowles, British lighting manufacturer Original BTC supplies both the retail and contract markets around the world with fixtures that light up hotels, restaurants and aeronautical industries. The brand, which opened its first U.S.-based showroom in New York in 2017, draws inspiration from Britain’s rich post-industrial history as well as incorporating modern tastes and trends with innovative designs.

 Joanna Gaines takes on Commercial Design

Take the Cranton Pendant, for example. This statement piece, perfectly suited for hallways, bedrooms and sitting rooms, is eye-catching when both lit or unlit. Comprised of overlapping hexagon-shaped bone china discs, it produces a warm, ambient light with striking forms and shadows when lit. Handmade and manufactured in the U.K., see how the Cranton Pendant breaks down.

2 styles – the wider-shaped Cranton Oval pendant and deeper-based Cranton Hexagonal pendant

5 days taken to manufacture

3 steps in the manufacturing process, including mixing raw clay into slip, application of glaze and final firing to create a perfect glossy finish

5 tiers of overlapping hexagonal bone china discs

140 discs per tier

3 lamps in the hexagonal pendant

6 lamps in the oval pendant

1 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade winner

100 maximum wattage

86.6” maximum drop


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