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Design Connections Looks Forward With Technology and Human-Centered Design

June 3, 2019

Design Connections 2.0 – the event that brings together leading suppliers with the industry’s top architecture and design professionals – returns in October for two days of content and networking. The autumn event will look at the “Past vs. Future in Design” and will be held in architecture-and-design rich Palm Springs, CA, on Oct. 7-8.

The “Past vs. Future in Design” theme focuses on how developments in technology have driven design and lifestyle trends within the industry.

“Our hope is to spark discussion among attendees and sponsors alike about the impact that technological developments have had on both the way we work and the built environment we help to create,” explains Kyle Berry, designer for AECOM, and a conference co-chair. “We’d like to start a dialogue about the way that designers, facilities staff and end users interact with these new trends in tech and design and the lessons we’ve learned from both our successes and failures along the way.”

The end goal, he says, is to explore where the future of design is headed and how the human element fits into that. 

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Technology and Human-Centered Design

Berry and the other event co-chair, Jacquelyn Hunter, an associate for Corgan, were named “Chief Disruptors” at the last Design Connections held in February in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

“Our disruptors are questioning the status quo, pushing us to ask why we do what we do. And is there a better way,” said Steven Sloan, brand director for interiors+sources, during the February event.

Sloan, Hunter and Berry are creating content that’s focused on the balance between technology and human-centered design.

We are living in a dynamic, hybrid world where technology and analog blend together, Hunter notes, and it continues to be more present. She provides the examples of big data taking unrefined information that’s waiting to be curated for purposeful application, or how artificial intelligence (AI) balances digital and human elements.

“These are just a few questions we hope to raise at the upcoming Design Connections event,” Hunter says. “It is pivotal we empower these conversations to be had, inspiring others to design the future landscape we thrive for.”

Design Connections 2.0 Agenda

To that end, the event will address:  

  • What technology/platforms are helping us in our daily work lives, and how is it changing the way we work?
  • Is there a technology that’s helping advance design in a major way?  
  • What is needed from technology to better address the needs of design professionals?
  • Is the work of design professionals in danger in the era of AI?
  • How do you maintain the human element when so much technology is incorporated into design?
  • Where does biophilic design fit in?

Design Connections is set up to foster peer-to-peer interaction and information sharing to push design forward and grow professionally. Attendees will take part in roundtable discussions, CEU educational sessions, networking opportunities, experiences focusing on the location and more in an intimate setting.

“Our events are not designed to lecture our attendees. Instead the goal is to create a dialogue and help everyone plot a better path forward,” Sloan notes.

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Attendees will have airfare, hotel, transfers to and from the hotel, and meals covered by event sponsors and interiors+sources. Attendees must be approved, and can learn more and inquire on attendance about Design Connections 2.0.

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