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Finding the Curios Golden Ticket Earns Dyson Products

June 24, 2019

The latest Curios Box features breathtaking products that debuted or featured at NeoCon 2019. From Nienkamper's Heartbeat to a slice of Morbern's Americana, this box has it all. Ten lucky recipients will also recieve one of our coveted golden tickets.

This month, ten lucky recipients will find golden tickets, courtesy of Dyson!  Dyson Lightcycle or Dyson Pure Cool Me. See them both in action in the video below!

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More about the Dyson Lightcycle and Dyson Pure Cool Me™

Dyson Lightcycle

Using a unique time, date and location-driven algorithm, the Dyson Lightcycle task light continually adjusts its color temperature and brightness in relation to your local daylight, providing the right light for the right time of day. The product’s three warm and three cool LEDs work in tandem to simulate color temperatures from 2,700-6,500 Kelvin. The Dyson Lightcycle is also engineered to reduce eye strain.

The task light provides a uniform pool of high-quality, powerful light with more than 1,000 Lux brightness, combined with glare protection and low optical flicker (<1%). The lower reflector is engineered to protect eyes from glare and focus light for a pool of uniform illumination, with the light source concealed.

Dyson Pure Cool Me™

Dyson Pure Cool Me™ is Dyson’s first personal purifying fan engineered to support well-being. Featuring a sealed HEPA filter and Dyson’s latest air projection technology, this compact machine is perfect for spaces needing personalized control—like offices, hotels, health care and education.

Heartbeat from Nienkamper

This 3D resin model of the new seating collection “heartbeat” designed exclusively for Nienkamper by Karim Rashid debuted at NeoCon 2019. The brightly colored 3d model will attract attention by virtue of its sculptural beauty and playful quality. By including a 3D model the tactile element is designed to enhance the Curios experience and create excitement and anticipation just like attending NeoCon. The 3D model will no doubt be a coveted piece and collectors item amongst Curios boxes.

The Howard Elliott collection from MDC

The Howard Elliott collection from MDC offers high quality mirrors and wall décor for the commercial market. The collection provides a full range of intriguing design styles including Transitional, Contemporary or Traditional.

Fontaine from Brentano

Painted first as a watercolor in our Wheeling Studio, Iris Wang (founder and design director) worked diligently to turn her vison of Fontaine into an exquisite and serene upholstery fabric. First debuted at NeoCon 2019, Fontaine mimics reflections of light as it hits the water from dawn through dusk, and grew to become the heart of Brentano’s upcoming Fall 2019 Clearwater collection throughout its development.

Porcelain Countertops from Crossville

Crossville Porcelain Countertops are proven to be impervious and powerful. The products resist organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents, and can be easily cleaned without affecting its surface characteristics. They’re scratch resistant and resistant to deep abrasion. The properties remain unchanged even after intensive use and frequent cleaning.

Listen now: Crossville's Rich Tile History

HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels by Formica

HardStop™ Decorative Protection Panels by Formica Group offer a worry-free solution for high-performance wall panels by blending ease of installation and impact resistance with a full range of design selections that coordinate perfectly with other Formica® Laminate products.

Chrome-Free Leathers from Humanscale

Luxurious, elegant and enduring, Humanscale’s new chrome-free leathers are better for the user and better for the environment. The alternatively-tanned leather collection is manufactured by Wollsdorf Leather—a carbon neutral tannery—and does not utilize chromium, a harmful chemical commonly used by tanneries. In addition to being more environmentally conscious, the premium leathers exceed industry standards in both performance and durability. Humanscale’s chrome-free leather collection comes in two lines and will be available on all seating.

Moving to Mood from Chemetal

Moving to Mood is the absence of pattern. And the presence of mood. These new materials are semiotic designs that imply the deeply rooted, civilization building metals of the Bronze, Pewter and Brass Ages. They originate from a predominantly neutral color palette and offer the depth and sublime reflectivity found only in metal.

Americana from Morbern

Americana is a high-resolution, extremely durable, digitally printed outdoor vinyl. It is the flagship product of Morbern’s (n)deavor! outdoor custom digital print technology, allowing hospitality and contract designers to experience limitless design possibilities and transform their imagery into eye-catching performance fabric.

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